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Kit YoRoller PRO23 +Adapter Door Frames

The price includes the 20% Austrian VAT.


The kit includes the items YR-PRO23 and door frame adapter (YR-ADF01) at a reduced price compared to the price of the individual components.


YoRoller PRO23

The YoRoller is the portable, flywheel-based training station for fitness, rehabilitation and performance improvement in any sport.

Scope of delivery YR-PRO23:

- Power module - reworked!

- Universal adapter for columns/trees or walls

- Universal handle for one or both hands, with special clutch and built-in dividing device to DOUBLE the training strength during training

- 2x4 mm flywheels

- 2.3m wear-resistant drawstring

- 2x grips for partner training with black, gray or red grip tape

- 1x leg cuff with special coupling

- 1x fastening strap with ratchet

- 1x social media adapter

- special EPP case.



The door frame adapter is used for non-destructive mounting of the YoRoller power module on almost any door frame with a width between 60 and 95 mm.

The adapter is very easy to attach to the desired height within seconds.

The adapter kit basically consists of a unique aluminum plate, attached/printed to door frames using a telescopic rod.

What will be delivered as YR-ADF01:

- Aluminum plate with coupling for power module

- Telescopic rod, adjustable between 60 and 90 cm in length.

The "Universal Adapter" item number YR-ATR01 is included in YR-PRO23.

Kit YoRoller PRO23 +Adapter Door Frames

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