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The price includes 20% Austrian VAT.



The flywheels can be replaced within seconds.

Their dimensions determine the amount of energy that can be stored during training - depending on the speed - and thus also the training speed.


As a rule:

- With smaller discs, you can train at higher speeds, have more endurance and burn more fat

- With larger discs, you can train at a lower speed but with higher energy and more muscle mass is built.


A total of 2 x 8 mm discs can be installed on YoRoller PRO.

The final thickness of the slices (up to 8 mm per side) can be chosen as a combination of different slices.

What will be delivered as YR-DSK08:

1 piece flywheel with 250 mm diameter and 8 mm thickness made of polished and laser engraved stainless steel.


Flywheel 250x8 mm - for Power Training

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