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Operation Manual

YoRoller Operation Manual Bedienungsanleitung.JPG



How to open and close the YoRoller special case:

How to mount the YoRoller on a column (1):

How to mount and dismount the YoRoller on a column (2):

How to connect the pulling strap
to the special coupling:

How to couple the pulling strap to the grip:

The location of the pulling strap
when stationary (1):

How to attach the foot cuff:

How to change the flywheel:


How to shorten the pulling strap:

How to lengthen the pulling strap:

How to mount the Social Media Adapter 1:

How to mount the Social Media Adapter 2:

How to mount the YoRoller on the Wall Rail:

How to dismount the YoRoller from the Wall Rail:

How to adjust the height of the YoRoller on a Wall Rail:

How to mount and dismount the YoRoller on/from the Universal Adapter:


We designed the YoRoller to be very safe. You cannot be harmed by heavy and hard dumb belts or other training objects, that could fall on your foots or crush your hands or your chest!
Despite that, you should follow some rules in order to ensure the maximum security during the training.

- Check the condition of the pulling strap before any workout and shorten or replace it if worn as shown in the video tutorial "HOW TO REPLACE THE PULLING STRAP".
- Be sure to have enough space behind you in case you fall back.
- Check your health condition by the physician of your trust before you train.
- First warm-up before any training.
- Don't let the pulling strap to wind until its end and don't come too near to the Power Unit with your handgrip.
- Don't drink or eat during the training.
- During training, wear loose, possibly elastic clothing that fits snugly to the body.
- Don't wear sunglasses when you train indoor.
- Don't train and drive.
- YoRoller is not a toy and not suitable for children under 16 years of age. Younger children should only exercise under adult supervision
- Training in a stationary or a moving car, bus, train, subway, bus, ship or plane is possible, but we expressly do not recommend it. If despite that you decide to do it, first ask the operators for permission and understand that you do it at your own risk. Make sure you can keep your balance, have enough space around and especially behind you, and obey all house rules.
- Despite taking special care, we cannot imagine all situations where users could injure themselves or those around them or cause property damage, and therefore we advise you to use your common sense during using our products with consideration for yourself and those around you.
Thank you very much for your understanding and your cooperation!


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