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The first modular portable training station based on flywheel technology

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INNOVATION is our strength and driving force and our product range is full of newly elements, functions original designs, newly technical detail solutions and parts you have never seen before or in that combination.
Enjoy the time you spend visiting our website.

We are the inventors, developers and manufacturers of YoRoller, the first Modular designed, Portable Kinetic Training Device based on Flywheel Energy. Instead of lifting weights, you can train at every time and everywhere with the Kinetic Energy of rotating flywheels.

Flywheel training works independently of gravity and is currently
used for strength and conditioning training and in physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

Conventional flywheel training equipment was very heavy, massive and expensive, which lead us to develop an innovative concept to make this training method accessible to broad masses.

Numerous scientific studies confirm that flywheel training has a particularly positive effect on muscle strength, muscle volume, jumping power, speed and general physical condition. In addition, you can use specific exercises to prevent injuries and recover faster after injuries and surgical interventions.

Our unique concept won 2019 the “ISPO Brand New Award” in the category “Fitness” among more than 400 competitors worldwide.


"You are the designer of the only exercise device that will easily work in a spacecraft. NASA plus the private space companies SpaceX and Blue Origin will be using your product, which means incredible publicity for marketing to all people.

Everyone wants to exercise like an astronaut."


Peter Wasowski / Vasper

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